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Where in the world?

Right guys, we want to play a game!

Can you guess where this location is?

Hint: The lake is a “perched lake” in that it contains only rainwater, it is not fed by groundwater or any streams and does not flow into the ocean.

Comment below!

The winner receives an internet high five - We know, we’re too generous.

No cheating please.

Good luck!


Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia?!

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Beautiful morning

November pix

December pics

February pics

Last weekend views from my balcony. Pink rain, cielo aborregado and rainbow.

Tropical spring morning; pachy, echeveria, gasteria inflorescence and euphorb.

First sunlight on succulents

Amazing spring sunrise in Cuernavaca. Popocatépetl, 5,426 m (17,802 ft) from my balcony. Also Iztaccíhuatl, to the left, 5,230 m (17,160 ft).

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Amusing, pithy, and eminently watchable. John Green’s Crash Course World History series is great.

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