"Playsacks" costumes designed by Fredun Shapur, 1969.

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Which countries are due east and west of the Americas #map #southamerica #northamerica #mapporn

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Located between the islands of Suouroy and Stora Dimun in the middle of North Atlantic Ocean, Litla Dimun is a small island. The island covers an area of less than 100 hectares and is unhabited. Litla Dimun is the smallest of the 18 islands that make Faroe Islands Archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. The island is remarkable for its climate. Litla Dimun often remains covered in clouds known as Lenticular clouds.

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april 25 is world penguin day. two recently published studies have shown that climate change is killing off chicks from the world’s biggest colony of magellanic penguins in argentina, while on ross island in antarctica, adelie penguins are struggling to feed themselves.

like adelies, emperor penguins rely on sea ice for food and breading grounds, and a 2008 wwf study estimated that 50 percent of emperors and 75 percent of adelies will likely disappear if global average temperatures rise above pre industrial levels by just 2 degrees celcius.

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Where in the world?

Right guys, we want to play a game!

Can you guess where this location is?

Hint: The lake is a “perched lake” in that it contains only rainwater, it is not fed by groundwater or any streams and does not flow into the ocean.

Comment below!

The winner receives an internet high five - We know, we’re too generous.

No cheating please.

Good luck!


Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia?!

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Beautiful morning

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